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What the Apparition is Behind Her Son?
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What the Apparition is Behind Her Son?

Heather took her son this amazing photo using a Samsung cellphone in Pennsylvania.

What the Apparition is Behind Her Son?

Her son was sitting with his back to the sofa. Heather is still attempting to find out what exactly the apparition is behind him. She do not believe that is of him (motion).

One thought was that it could happen to be a reflection of her however she have no idea how that could have occurred, She was taking the photo from the opposite side of the phone.

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An Aged Man Ghost On The Chair

This ghost picture was taken by James in Greeley, CO. When he was on a recent journey in Pennsylvania, there was an abandoned and shabby house just aside the road in the center of nowhere. James took several pictures with his digital camera.

An Aged Man Ghost On The Chair

An Aged Man Ghost On The Chair

You will find 2 wooden chairs if you focus on the front porch. Now check out the right chair, if you examine the image there appears to be a figure of an aged man on the chair. You can see his eyes, civil war kind coat and the eyes are quite noticeable.

James was very excited that he could possibly have captured a ghost picture.

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Ghost Inside the Trees Wearing Vintage Dress

Ghost Inside the Trees Wearing Vintage Dress

This amazing picture was taken by Marie, She took it while on a walking pathway in Colorado. She shot this ghost picture in the trees for no reason at all.

Marie said when she back home, she checked out the photos on her computer and then she were surprised to discover a picture with a woman wearing vintage dress inside the trees.

She says:”I am not really into this type of things, but it did freak us out”.

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Ghost Hunting Software: The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook Reviews

The Paranormal Log and Analysis Notebook Reviews

This paranormal / ghost hunting software is created by Dennis A. Batchelor. He has finished actually 100s of investigation though out his 30+ years, and he is still quite energetic and revel in a great “Ghost Hunt”.

What Exactly Is “The Plan” – The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook?

The Paranormal investigations and ghost hunting software is created to simply monitor your whole investigation, manage evidence and print out complete reports and save your researches for simple and fast for future reference. It has a number of great features:

1. Tracks researchers certification level.
2. Tracks all of your equipment & devices.
3. It sends email to all members at the same time.
4. Integrated auto fill features when creating a report.
5. Permits user to set password protection for reports.
6. Import/ Export EVPS and pictures.
7. Step-by-step video tutorials.

Let’s see what the real users say:

Angela: Many thanks for this great software I’m loving what I see I just set it up on my Asus Eee netbook PC, I’ll give it a big test run it seems great. I believe lots of teams invest plenty of time trying to find something established to have their evidence & information on the location’s neatly together. That in its self could be a nightmare looking to get a technique build for everyone to use! It will get everything out of that… it appears so easy to use & uncomplicated yet powerful in what it does! My days just became much simpler!

Michael H. / Founder, Boise City Ghost Hunters: I believed the tool was really simple to maneuver. It follows the path of the research process properly. It is extremely helpful having one spot to save all the data for every individual case. I appreciate you for creating this kind of powerful software.

Sonya / S.H. Longmont Colorado: Just one word…Amazing! I’ve been making use of the PLAN, and I have to say it is quite helpful for our Paranormal group. The PLAN makes it far easier to maintain track of everything, Have things in order and arranged.

Please click here to Download The Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Software or get more reviews and details about it.

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